How do Swaps work?

Since, this concept is brand new, there is definitely a learning curve. But after you've used the product once, it gets exponentially easier. 

Step 1: Please make sure you are using a high heel shoe that works with a swap. The shoe has to have a back. The back, gives the boot the support it needs so please only use a shoe with a back. The shoe can have a pencil or block heel and the heel height an be as per your choice. 

Step 2: Slide the swap over the shoe and pull the swap over the heel. Please make sure the sole of the shoe and the swap are aligned. You can pull on the boot from the top, so that it's perfectly aligned with the shoe. 

Step 3: After the swap is on the shoe, go ahead and wear the shoe like you would a regular boot. 

Please note: Do not try and wear the shoe first and then try and pull the swap over the boot. It won't fit.